How do I make money as a Blogger.

The keywords you choose for your site are extremely important, and critical to your success as a blogger, and also extremely important to major search engines like Google. Search engines love blogs. Now the big question is, how are you going to get people to your site, how are you going to get the traffic there?

First, to build a successful Site, you need to be doing some serious website construction. Take notes on how the site looks and then how it needs to be fine-tuned in terms of content. Then you need to do some serious keyword research and then figure out how to make the site completely optimized for targeted keywords. Now, Google won’t let you know who ranks where, until you get your site to one hundred and fifty on the Google SERPS. And that can be a bit of a wait. On the other hand, if you have a site that gets ranked on page one or two then you will start to see some real traffic show up to your website.

Add Traffic As You Build by Posting in Discussion Forums.

When you are joining in discussion forums on blog topics, be sure to read the rules of the discussion forum site. Do not leave a blatant affiliate link in the signature box. Stay on topic. There may be times when you want to post something like, “Nice site, hope I can make money” or something like that, In most cases you would be banned from the forum for spamming. If you are a member of a forum that's responsible enough to interact and participate, then you will find your visitors will watch for it. Leave the automatic post like that off the forum. Remember, you are someone who is trying to help the other members of the forum, not some spamming machine. On most forums there is an option to send a friend to your signature box. If you do not have an account with them, sign up for one. Most have a button that says, “Join now” or some similar wording.
Adding comments to forums and blogs in your niche is a good way of getting some quality traffic, but remember don't spam!

Companies, or sponsors of a website will often offer guest blog posts. You can find these at forums, and some sites allow them as well. Be sure to add your signature to every message you write. Another way to build that important traffic to your site’s is to find companies who will post posts for you that include your links, and the address of your site’s.

Easy Ways.

I know it takes a lot more work to get attention to your blog or website and trust me, it is worth it. There are numerous ways to maximize a website, blog or lens, and we will discuss these further in future posts. If you want to find out about more easy ways to make money online and getting quality traffic to your sites sooner rather than later, then Click Here for one of the best and most successful free training groups on the internet today. Then you can use the right tools to maximize your results so you can start earning some extra money.

Remember, always work to retains a visitor’s attention.

Always give them a reason to return to your site.

Look at ways to build organic search engine streams.

Make sure you are in a niche you enjoy, so it is a fun way to make money, you are much more likely to stick to it in the long run.


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